A review by weebna
Bound by Hatred, by Cora Reilly


It's not easy to enjoy this book to its fullest when you don't grow found of Gianna. There's a thing called being independent and another called being selfish. I completely understand her distaste for the life she grew into but putting her family, especially Aria, in danger was such a big no for me. Mostly because she didn't even give an opportunity to Matteo.
When Aria helped her, I was just so upset and the entire time Gianna was in Europe was infuriating because you just know she isn't cut off to a "normal" life and she knew it too. And she continued to annoy me throughout the entire book...
The main reason I enjoyed this book was because of Matteo. The way he talked and acted regarding Gianna was really so interesting to see... He never truly tried to hide his feelings for her and so far the other books hadn't shown that. Plus, he is just so hilarious.
The bonus part of this book is that it finally has a dual pov!
I initially scored this 2,5⭐️ but I changed it to 3⭐️ because of Matteo.