A review by jollyca
Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High, Second Edition, by Ron McMillan, Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny


Well, that was interesting...

First of all, this is not some "corporate BS" book. It has numerous examples of conversations that occur in your family - conversations with your children, your spouse, your siblings. The type of "crucial conversations" that really mess up your life if you get wrong. It helped me get started some difficult (apparently) conversations that we needed to have in our family and it also helped me NOT to lose my temper and keep the dialogue going.

...but it's something you need to practice. It's hard to overlook your emotions and keep your eye on the end-goal so, to some degree, you need to apply these principles to all the conversations you have (you'll find out when you need them, anyway).

5/5, this book helped me improve my family life.