A review by dckollros
We, the Drowned, by Carsten Jensen


"We" are the seafaring people living in the town of Marstal in Denmark. Marstal is a town where the men are raised to go to sea to become absent husbands, fathers, and sons with no guarantee of returning home. The women are left behind to raise the children and keep the homestead running. We read about three generations of characters from 1848 to 1945 following the mariner's life, the dangers of the sea, the evolution of the shipping industry, and a world war.

This is a character-driven story and there is too much packed into this book to describe in a review. It is a chunky book, but it does not feel like a long read because the writing style is superb and it flows beautifully. The book is broken into sections as the generations pass, but all of the characters appear or are referred to throughout the whole book. This story was so engaging, interesting, sometimes gruesome, and always vivid. I recommend it to all sea lovers.