A review by saygoodnightnread
F.O.X.E.S., by M.A. Bennett


3.5 stars - so i gave this book 3.5 stars, rounded to 4 based on the fact that to me, 3 stars is an okay book with characters that i kind of liked but not enough for them to stand out for me. this is not the case. as a series, these books are brilliant, however this one was a bit lacklustre for me.

for the first half of the book (maybe more) i found myself not really knowing what was actually happening. i was trying to explain it to a friend and i kind of couldn't explain the plot despite being over 50% through the book, i just wasn't sure where it was going.

once it picked up i did really enjoy the rest of the story and the last couple of chapters were REALLY fast paced! i liked the twists towards the end, although i still have a lot of questions which i suppose was the point if she plans to release 2 more books.

I will say that i hope the next two books are an improvement on this one, otherwise i can see the series getting old quite fast for me.

overall, 3.5 stars, i did enjoy being in the STAGS world again and i would read it again, perhaps only because it is part of the series though.