A review by lokipokey75
Ivy and Bean #5: Bound to Be Bad by Annie Barrows


Ivy and Bean: Bound to be Bad is a charming book for young children, that is both playful and funny. It is about the character Bean, a little troublemaker who aids her friend Ivy in her quest to be good. Along the way, they discover that being bad might pave the way to being good. From stealing candy to dousing Crummy Matt's younger brother with water, they unintentionally spread chaos throughout the neighborhood until Crummy Matt shows up to avenge his little bro.
It's the small moments in this book that really make it shine. Like when Ivy's mom is lying on the couch with cucumbers on her face that fall off when she speaks or the clever way it's revealed that Bean stole Nancy's yarn. The scenarios the kids engage are quite believable, as is their behavior and characterization. For instance, despite the fact that Ivy wants to be good, she nonetheless assists Bean in spraying Dino with a hose. She's a child; she can't resist the lure of a good prank. It definitely captures the way children think and act and its humor is its strongest asset.