A review by djl
Archie: Varsity Edition Vol. 2 by Mark Waid


This one was good though not as good as volume 1 for me. I think it's because (as expected) the drama was amped up. And I can only take so much drama, especially in a franchise where it's usually far and few between in the stories.

Also... Veronica's dad is even more of a jerk than I thought possible. I understand Mr. Lodge is one of those "old-school rich, white males" that could come off in this manner. However, in the original Archie comics, one of the reasons he moved his family to Riverdale was so Veronica would have a more grounded childhood rather than grow up a spoiled snob. While I know this is a different and more realistic take on the Riverdale gang, it just feels a bit wrong to see Hiram Lodge behaving this way.

On the other side, I was really happy with the portrayal of Archie's parents and Pop Tate, owner of the dining staple, the Chocklit Shoppe. All of them were very supportive of Archie throughout this volume, and Veronica surprised me with how she wanted to try and fit into Archie's world. Her efforts are over-the-top, especially with regard to Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, but I think they see the merit in her attempts. However, there is again another misunderstanding that happens, and geez, there are fires to try and put out. And that cliffhanger ending, wow.

I'm still curious about where Waid will take the story further, though it is now with trepidation, only with regard to the story. It's still fascinating seeing characters I grew up with in this updated art style, and I find Riverdale's varying cast of characters ever more charming and needed in today's society.