A review by rankkaapina
The Invisible Library, by Genevieve Cogman


I really liked this book. It was a fast read for me. But in the end I'm somewhat disappointed. I kind of expected from the premise that I would LOVE this book, which is the reason for the disappointment. I think my problem is that I love character driven books and I would say that even though the characters aren't one-dimensional or anything, this felt more like a short introduction and I kind of wanted more. There was a lot happening and I guess the plot was more important to the book, but I always prefer character driven books to plot driven ones. Definitely checking out the next book too, though. I did give 4 stars, though, cause I think that that's what I would've thought without my expectations.

Edit 11.8.2016: I came upon a review that summed up what was bothering me about this book. So, I ended up taking one star away and most likely won't go to the next book. I won't be listing the reasons here, rather here is the link.