A review by thebookteaseblog
10,000 Dreams Interpreted: A Dictionary of Dreams by Hans Holzer, Gustavus Hindman Miller


@ladiesgettinglit.erature has a link to an image of a dumpster fire in her bio for books like this. That's it. That's my review. ⠀

Oh, did you want an explanation? Well buckle up. This book is called 10,000 Dreams Interpreted, so it's not like I was expecting meticulous research. I knew it would be a little out there, a little hippiedippie. What I didn't know was precisely how infuriated I would become upon reading it. An incomplete list of reasons why 10,000 Dreams Interpreted is trash even Oscar the Grouch wouldn't touch:⠀

1. Freud's Interpretation of Dreams was published in 1900. This book, with an almost identical name, was published in 1901. Miller was the kid who never helped with the group project and then put his name on it, amiright?⠀

2. However discredited, Freud was an actual doctor who studied the mind. Gustavus Hindman Miller, on the other hand, is described (per Wikipedia) as: "a prominent merchant, manufacturer, financier, capitalist farmer, author and public spirited citizen of Chattanooga, Tennessee." Naturally.⠀

3. The jacket claims this book is "updated with modernized text and a new introduction by Hand Holzer," who as far as I can tell, "updated" the book in 1995 while somehow managing to retain 101% of it's offensive content.⠀

4. You know, intellectually, that a book published in 1901 is going to be unapologetically Euro-centric, sexist, and racist, but STILL. When you come across passages like:⠀

"To see yourself caught among briers, forwarns that black enemies are weaving chords of calumny and perjury intricately around you and will cause you great distress..."⠀

"For young woman to dream that she impersonates a nymph, is a sign that she is using her attractions for selfish purposes, and thus for the undoing of men."⠀

They are ALL like that. All 576 pages of them. Why this book continues to be in circulation today, I'll never know. It provides nothing of value - if you opened a fortune cookie with one of these "insights" inside, you would want the two seconds it took you to read it back. If I could have the guys from Men in Black erase this book from my memory, I would.