A review by trishacole
Keegan's Wrath by A. D. Lombardo

adventurous hopeful mysterious tense fast-paced


5 Stars! A.D. Lombardo tells a suspenseful and adventurous story, which is fast paced, in Keegan's Wrath. I didn't read the other books in the series, and I enjoyed this one very much even though. I read Keegan's Wrath during a long trip back, after just taking a look to the previous books. I do think they might be interconnected and it is not a stand alone, but I had a great time and didn't feel like that was an issue. I love a good world-building and this did not disappoint. Incredible characters. Although I just took a lot at the previous books in the series, I noticed that some details turned out in Keegan's Wrath to pull the whole story together. I will read A.D. Lombardo's books again. Hopefully with more time and from the beginning.