A review by sharonleavy
Her Homecoming Wish, by Jo McNally


This is a story about labels - or rather, what we do with them. In high school, Mackenzie was the "good girl" - the perfect student, the model child. Danny "Danger Dan" Adams was the bad boy - the tattooed biker always in trouble. Move on a decade or two and things have changed - Mack is back in town after a failed marriage, looking to shed her good girl image for good. Danny is the obvious choice - but it seems that he has already done some shedding, and left behind his danger days in favour of being a good Dad to his daughter Chloe and a hard-working sheriff in the town.

I liked Mack instantly - I felt like I knew exactly who she was and where she was coming from right from the second we met her. I loved her spirit and how she wouldn't let people pigeonhole her. Dan took a little longer for me to warm to - I believe that he has appeared in other books in the Gallant Lake Series, so fans of that will no doubt be delighted to see him have his own storyline. I did find him slightly over-the-top at times but Mackenzie kept him in check, always correcting him when she felt he was overstepping or encouraging him to seek help when his work/life balance was all over the place.

I really liked this a lot, it was warm and lovely, with good lead and supporting characters.

(Plus - safe sex! Yay! Established consent! Double Yay! The presence of an LGBTQ+ business in a small town - biggest Yay of all!)

Thanks to the publisher for providing me with an ARC.