A review by samantherjayne123
Reign, by Siobhan Davis


Wow!! It feels like forever I’ve been waiting for this book, but you will not be disappointed. The most fantastic way to bring this story to a close. You will go on one epically fantastic ride with this crew of characters Harlow and her strong and unbreakable love for four Alpha men who dote on her. Harlow is one formidable woman and to over come the stuff in her past to become the strong independent woman she is is beautiful to read. Yes you’ll cry, you’ll want to throw your reading device/book across the room and potentially want to inflict harm on some of these characters but let’s face it every dark/bully romance has moments like this. This is one beautiful send off to a crew of characters that I am sooo hoping we haven’t seen the last of but only time will tell. Siobhan has a way of drawing you in and making you love her characters and their worlds. If you’ve read and loved the first two you will 100% love this conclusion! And if you haven’t picked up the first book yet go do it now!!! You will not be disappointed