A review by annettebooksofhopeanddreams
First Class Murder by Robin Stevens


Look, I know that I took a huge risk when buying this entire series without having read a word of it. I like a certain kind of risk-taking I guess, however, I am really really enjoying this series quite a lot. I did read some mixed reviews, so I was a little afraid how it would turn out, but it totally works for me. And I know I don't have a high standard. I rate entertainment and not objective quality, but still. I'm now kinda glad I have the rest of the series already.

What I love most about this series, and this book too, is that the steps our main characters take are so incredibly logical. Yes, sometimes they're a little quick when jumping to conclusions. And not rarely they're jumping to the wrong ones. But it's not just randomly shouting or judging. They do look for clues, they do try to figure out what has really happened and why it has happened. It's therefore not unrealistic that they do figure things out in the end.

And I really loved this case! Normally I'm not a big fan of stories taking place in closed compartments, especially trains and boats, but in this case there were quite a lot of interesting characters, all with their own agenda and motivations, and the first class compartment of the train was also an interesting enough environment. I also really like how clues towards the solution are planted quite early and yet only make sense when you have the entire story!

This book also adds another layer that I found quite interesting: Politics. Although none of these topics is made too heavy, they are discussed. It's quite clear the second world war is in the making and the bombing of the track near Belgrado was also quite clearly a political thing. And of course there was the Russian aristocrat who had fled the revolution. I have to admit that especially the latter was portrayed a little black and white in this book, but I'm probably the only one slightly bothered by that.

I'm already looking forward to reading the next book in the series next week!