A review by alyssaindira
The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life by Twyla Tharp


Hey guys, so I read The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp for the beginnings of one of the my.classes for next.semester. So this was a typical school book. I read it because I had to, not cause i wanted to. Lol. So yeah...didn't really like it that much. The only thing I kind of admired at the start of this novel was that the author was trying to make the topic relatable and her narrative wasn't too horrible. Until the book progressed. Then I got sick of it. I swear, this author refers back to herself, and her experiences, and her thoughts, and her back story, and her this.and her that, that this whole freaking book should have just been an autobiography on this woman. Seriously should have been tilted "a day in the life of me, myself and I". Something along this lines. Gods it annoyed me to no end after a while. At first I was able to joke about it, then I thought that this book was just a complete joke. Pretty much. I took notes, cause who knows what the professor is gonna ask me.to do. So, hers are my.notes..sharing them just for you.

Chap 2 rituals
Rituals are automatic but decisive patterns of behavior, beginning of creative process.
Rituals are without questions.
Rituals allow for control into the unknown, giving one confidence and reliance.
They come in all.manners, shapes, sizes and forms. For example, tossing away distractions, sacrificing them, is a ritual.
Don't become fearless, learn to fear, less.
Creativity needs a tool, can be anything, something as small as a pencil.
Be alone with a goal. Alone is a fact, lonely is feeling.
Chap 3. DNA. How one is coded to view the world. Divided, extremes, sizes.
Details vs dynamics
Self of identity.
Chap 4.
Memories. Metaphors.
Chap 5.
Organized creativity.
Chap 6.
Ideas are all around. 4 steps. Generate, retain, inspect, transform.
Chap 7.
Lucky accidents. Planning obstacles.
Chap 8.
The spine. Finding and reinforcing the central ideal.
Chap 9
Honing skill.
Chap 10.
See the rut, feel the rut, duck the rut.
Chap 11.
Be okay with failure.

And that's it ladies and gents. Bye.