A review by harrisonarachel
The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women by Kate Moore


Really enjoyed reading this book. I had heard about the Radium Girls some point in my life but had never read a full narrative about it. It was so heart wrenching to hear what these poor ladies had to go through, and how their company were just pig headed, greedy assholes. These women were going through so much excruciating pain, and they made it seem like it was the women’s faults. Not taking any blame, pretty much until the very end.
There was even a bloody doctor who was at first helping the women, who were constantly needing medical help, who couldn’t afford to keep up with the payments, that then turned against the women because he wanted money.... what is wrong with some people? I don’t understand how there could be so much denial and selfishness in the world?
I’m glad that some of them got some kind of compensation, but in no way does it change how horrible their lives turned out to be, all because of these money hungry people. Their lives were ruined. Their families lives were ruined, not only becoming completely bankrupt trying to look after the women in their lives who were dying so horrendously, but by having to watch their women go through so much pain and not being able to do anything to help.