A review by alexampersand
The Darkness Dreaming by Adele Andersen

adventurous dark emotional mysterious medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix


I had a really great time with this book - fantasy sometimes makes me apprehensive as a genre when it starts into supremely high fantasy, but this book did an excellent job of humanising the characters and making them still fully able to connect and relate to.

The story was a lot deeper and layered than I first expected when reading it - especially after Part One when the narrative perspective seems to shift. It felt a little jarring at first, but once I settled into it I really grew to appreciate the complex history that's been woven, something that made a lot of sense reading the Authors Note at the back, and how many years and how much thought has gone into creating this world for the author. 

I desperately wanted some more answers about the overarching plots than we got in the resolution - but I suppose if anything that's a testament to the strength of investment in the story, and has me eagerly awaiting Book Two!