A review by daphsbookshelf
Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man, by Mary L. Trump


I thought the story that Mary Trump was trying to tell here was complex and compelling. Fred Trump's abuse of his sons and daughters was hammered home a million times, and despite my feeling sorry for his kids, I also still despise all of them lol. Honestly though, I would rather hear about Mary Trump's story herself and how it made her feel, not on Fred and Donald and Freddy- I think she's a much more compelling figure, but instead she kind of sidelined herself and repeated the same old things about Freddy and Donald- that Freddy was actually trying to be a good person and was ruined by his family, that Donald grew up learning to be terrible and turned into a terrible person. It got repetitive and boring at times. I didn't really care about the men, I cared about the women, and she kind of brushed them to the side.

Also, you know what would have been really helpful in this book? A family tree. It sounds like an obvious decision that should have been made. Just saying.