A review by thirty37seven
Batman and Robin, Volume 2: Pearl, by Peter J. Tomasi


Baby Damian dressed in his father's clothes.
"Look... I'm a bat."
Too cute, my heart explodes.

The Robin banter during the family portrait was great.

Dick: "We should pull the shades, have him paint us with night vision goggles in our natural environment."
Damian: "I think Caravaggio would be better suited to capture us in our element."
Tim: "Didn't he play for the Yankees?"
Damian: "He was a 17th century Italian painter. Thanks for reminding me what a complete lack of culture you possess, Drake."
Tim: "And thanks for reminding me what an arrogant idiot you are, Damian."
Dick: "C'mon, let's turn those frowns upside down."

But wait, there's more.

Damian: "I'm serving notice."
Tim: "Of what?"
Damian: "Day or night, when you least expect it, I'm going to defeat you at something you feel unbeatable at."
Dick: "You're going to attack us?"
Damian: "Yes, then I'm going to take something personal of yours as a memento and hang it in my room."
Dick: "And this is to prove what exactly?"
Damian: "That I am the best Robin, of course."
Dick: "You've got nothing to prove—none of us do—" (To Jason) "—Well, actually maybe you still do—but you heard what he said at the portrait sitting."
Jason: "Portrait sitting? Guess my invite got lost in the mail." (RIGHT? What the fuck, Bruce?)
Damian: "Forewarned is forearmed."
Jason: "Bat-san still preaching that old chestnut, huh?"
Tim: "You're ten years old—any one of us can wipe the floor with you."
Damian: "You can try. Now excuse me, there's a few more assassins who need to learn why Gotham can be an unforgiving place."
Tim: "That kid is wired way too tight."
Dick: "Remind you of someone?"
Jason: "Shut up, Nightwing."

Is there a series with Robins just shitting on each other relentlessly? I love this shit.

When Bruce tells Damian he's proud of him, I may have shed a tear.