A review by maddyrdz13
Falls Boys, by Penelope Douglas


I really liked it. I LOVED ARO. I identified so much with her as I am a hispanic women. I loved the representation. Its hardly ever that I see myself represented in books so to know that I am represented in a PenDoug book is just amazing. I liked the story line it was great and I liked that Pen still kept the mystery about carnival tower. I am really excited for the next book but I am even more excited for Dylan's book. I can already tell she's going to have one of the best books in the series. I loved seeing Noah from Credence in this book. I want to infer that that will be Dylan's love interest a little enemies to lovers but I honestly have no clue. Hawke was a soft boy at heart and he absolutely melted me but he eventually learned how to get down which made for great smut. I really hope to see Aro succeed in throughout the series I think she will have a special place in my heart.