A review by taramisu
His Secondhand Wife, by Cheryl St. John


2.5 ⭐

There's nothing worse than starting a book with your favorite trope, that's well loved and highly rated...only to find it mediocre at best.

The Good:
1) I was able to finish it.

The Bad:
1) Poor writing.
2) The author rarely indicated who was speaking, making me go back multiple times to try and figure it out.
3) Prolonged misunderstanding that made me want to scream.
4) The emotional turn at the end felt hollow and forced. Maybe it's just that they both insisted the other one was only married out of obligation for way too long. Maybe it was just poor writing. Either way, the end did not give me feels. It just made me happy the book was at 99% and I could finally move onto something better.
5) The step-mother-in-law was OTT nasty. This made her emotional turn at the end completely unbelievable and not satisfying in the least.