A review by acej8
The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch, Volume One: At the Edge of Empire, by Daniel Kraus


A great expansive book with an astounding narration in my opinion! I love Kirby Heyborn's narrations, his character voices make whatever he's reading so much more enjoyable! Having listened to Rotters previously, I jumped at the possiblity to listen to another of Kraus' books narrated by Kirby! As soon I as I finished Edge of Empire, I immediately used another audible credit to buy Empire Decayed! I'm already three hours in! Funny thing is I own all of Daniel Kraus' physical books including those with Guillermo Del Toro, but in edition to those I have the audio c.d. of Rotters and now the audible editions of Vols. 1-2 of The Death and Life Zebulon Finch.

But I digress. The only qualms I've had with Vol. 1, were mainly that it wasn't set earlier in U.S. history, say starting around the early colonization/Revolutionary beginnings. I would have loved to see how Finch interacted during the revolution, and The Civil War. However Kraus' writing, whatever shortfalls may be, mixed with Heyborn's narration are enthralling, descriptive, and entertaining. Couldn't ask for much more!