A review by michellebookaddict
Love Letters, by Katie Fforde


5 stars and read July 2012.

I first became a fan of Katie Fforde's when I read "Practically Perfect." I really liked Anna and her greyhound. I got this kindle book in May 2012 because this storyline sounded good. I wasn't disappointed. Katie Fforde has a system that I like. And I also like her humor. Katie also sticks with her storyline, rather then having 3 or more character point of views that just clutter the story. In my opinion, Katie creates a story that isn't cluttered or doesn't take away from the main character's story.

Laura Horsley is a likeable character. I enjoyed how passionate she is with books. Like all Katie's heroines, Laura steps out of her comfort zone. It's a given that Laura has to find a new job when the bookshop that she current works at closes. A new opportunity falls on Katie's lap the same day the bookstore closes. A little to easy in my opinion. But I liked the job Laura was given. A big task to manage a book and film festival. I didn't really believe or care that Laura is a virgin. I did like that Laura learn to break from her structured life and gained confidence.

Dermot Flynn is an author everyone wishes to have at their festival. But doesn't like doing 'any' book publicity stuff. I really liked this Irish hero. Dermot has a bit of attitude edge and cocky, but he also has a soft side to him. I also really liked Laura's friend, Monica. She has a friendly carefree attitude that I can relate to.

This was an addicting read. It's my favorite of Katie Fforde's. I have reread this a few times now. And I recommend this Brit chick lit book.