A review by orlofthebooks
Ninth House, by Leigh Bardugo


I don't think this book needs more clout, but I'll give it some with my five star rating. I loved every second of it. I didn't find it that slow (other than the first two or three chapters as it's hard to wrap your head around the new names for things). All of the characters were brilliant and so intricate, and the plot was mind-blowing. I worked really hard to guess everything, and I got most of it, but there was a huge plot point that I never even thought of.
Darlington is my queen.
The writing was beautiful, and the analogies and metaphors were interesting. The plot itself was harrowing, alongside mysterious. A lot of intense dark themes but they were all dealt with in a realistic, grounded manner, which I appreciated. The nature of the story-telling, with the sense of showing characters who were realistic and flawed, made the magic system so much more believable, and I found myself very convinced this world was real by the end of it.