A review by audiobooks_sweettea
Return by Karen Kingsbury, Gary Smalley


This prodigal-son-returns-home story is one of my absolute favorites of Ms. Kingsbury's Baxter family books. Luke's character is the baby of the family, and she chiseled him so well in these stories. I was so excited years ago when I learned he had a book where his story was center. I loved revisiting him!

What would you feel like if everything you ever believed in was ripped away in one tragic instant? That's what Luke battles and I was so angry with him for so long in this book! I found myself on more than one occasion wanting to throw the book across the room. But, in trademark Kingsbury fashion, she weaved messages of hope, forgiveness, understanding and acceptance into her pages, and it wrapped me up instantly. Luke's story is a powerful one and I will forever love it.

This book should be able to get more than a simple 5 star rating. This book is emotional, utterly raw and absolutely breathtaking. The characters are now your family, the lessons are yours. All of it wrap up to make one unforgettable novel in a sweep-you-off-your-feet series. Ms. Kingsbury's shelf is graced with Luke's story and when someone asks me my favorites, his will always be one of the first to slip off the shelf. Well done, once again, on another amazing addition to this incredible family story.

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