A review by herwitchiness
When I Am Through with You, by Stephanie Kuehn


3.5, rounded up to 4/5.
I wouldn’t call this torture porn as someone did. Not enough awful stuff happened for that label, and falling asleep to it on audio didn’t cause disturbing dreams, though this doesn’t mean it wasn’t disturbing at times, because it definitely was. I enjoyed it, but it was dark and pretty fucked up in parts. Am I gonna read it again? No. Am I gonna recommend it to friends? Only if they’re very specific in what they ask for, hahah. It reminded me, oddly enough, of Far Cry 5 but with teenagers. It was clearly inspired by Lord of the Flies, but with more humanity and I gotta say I love that idea, but Libba Bray did it better with her “Beauty Queens.” All in all, I don’t regret this read, but it definitely wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I guess I hoped for a whodunnit or a false sense of reality rather than a slasher with more heart, but whatever. I’ve read worse, far worse. Ok, I reread the ending bc I’d been half asleep and all I can say is, “hm, ok. I get it. But damn? But yeah, I get it. Sepsis would’ve been far worse.” And honestly? It’s a great way to spark debate in teens about the Death with Dignity acts that various countries and states have. I’m pro, as I’m fairly certain this review shows. I’ve experienced too much mental and physical pain to not find those acts & laws necessary considering all the ways our bodies can turn against themselves & make dying the furthest thing from natural causes anyway. Rose was dead already by the final gunshot she experienced. She chose that end herself & that was made clear, but she was too weak & near death (still hours away, though, but inevitable even in a hospital once that far gone) to do it herself. So, he did. As many doctors have done in the form of a medical cocktail they “accidentally” leave in terminal patients rooms.