A review by writeronherway
Record of a Spaceborn Few, by Becky Chambers


As always, I adored Chambers discussions of philosophy, her meticulous, detailed world building and the tenderness of her characters.

For me though I found this one more difficult to follow. The last third was seamless, beautiful and the multiple perspectives aided the pace but early on I found it difficult to tell the characters apart (Tessa/Isobel/Eyas/Aya), the multiple narratives kept things slow and fairly major events were not given enough time or explained until the very end which made things feel a little disjointed.

This series is incredible. It manages to reflect everything we are dealing with in the world right now and subtly embed it in these character's world's. It's so thought provoking and definitely earns the comparison to Ursula LeGuinn. Becky Chambers has definitely managed to do what she set out to achieve which is to explore the human experience in the extreme context of a hypothetical alien interspecies society beyond Earth.