A review by christajls
The Novels of Gillian Flynn: Sharp Objects, Dark Places, by Gillian Flynn


This review originally posted at More Than Just Magic

Every time I read another Gillian Flynn novel I love it more than the previous one. She is just so talented. Dark Places is written in her signature style – it is the story of a challenging female lead, neck deep in a dark and twisty mystery.

As I mentioned the lead in this story is challenging – to say the least. Libby’s very self-centered, anti-social, rude etc. But you can’t really fault her because she did see her family get murdered at a young age. It would be weird if she wasn’t a little screwed up. And I think all those flaws are what make her so compelling. In a lot of ways her character growth was more interesting than the mystery itself. She really has to struggle against her own status quo and the more she learns about her brother and the murder, the more her understanding of the world is turned on it’s head. All that being said the mystery is still really well constructed with a lot of great twists! I found the twists in Gone Girl and Sharp Objects to be somewhat predictable but this one totally surprised me.

I’m also incredibly grateful that they used different narrators for the different points of view. It really added depth to the characters, as their voices melded with the different personalities. Though I think Rebecca Lowman was the real shining star of the bunch – her narration was expressive but also apathetic when it needed to convey that tone as well. I found her chapters in particular really easy to listen to for long periods of time.