A review by lillyreads_
The Worst Best Man, by Mia Sosa



this was the most ‘rom-com’ type novel I’ve read so far and overall, it was cute. corny as hell at times - but also sweet and vulnerable. i liked lina and max and find myself becoming a bigger fan of the enemies to lovers trope after every book i read. and the way Brazilian culture is described and represented in this book was A+.

although i had fun reading it, i’ve realized that I prefer less swoon-worthy, ‘the notebook’ type romance novels, to ones that are more plausible and mirror real life. don’t get me wrong, i love that soft shit. but sometimes, books are SO romantic and plots are so over the top, it feels contrived. i like my shit a little more realistic, romantic but also challenging with simpler plots that are more practical.

if you like super cheesy feel-good type stuff, then you might like this. perfect to read in the summer!!