A review by carolynf
Agency, by William Gibson


I had a hard time getting into this book, at least in part because I didn't like the audiobook's narrator. She read earnestly but without a lot of excitement, and was apparently unaware that the book had a lot of humorous lines in it. There are two prominent African American characters in the book, and the accents she gave them felt flat and inconsistent with the sentence structure. When i got home from my work trip i tried to switch to a print copy, but ended up not finishing.

The plot itself deals with communicating between multiverses using remotely controlled robots or drones. There are shades of the TVA from the Loki tv series. Agents in the "main" timeline in 2130 or so are trying to stave off nuclear annihilation in another branch in 2017. It was interesting, but the characters did a lot of following instructions without knowing where they were going or why, which makes it hard to build suspense.