A review by labunnywtf
The Love Song of Johnny Valentine by Teddy Wayne


The niece was a Belieber for a hot second. Despite my non-caring, I got her a book from the library, and put songs on her iPod, and went with it. Despite my teasing of her, I remember being a fangirl. Then as his popularity dwindled, she forgot all about the fangirling, and became convinced he sucks as a human being.

Oh, fame. So fickle.

I would love to have her read this book, to get her take on it. But...not all of the book. We could leave out the...mayonnaise-y bits.

Pardon me, regurgitating.

This was a pretty interesting read, I will say that. Not subtle, in the least, but interesting. And I feel like it's Bieber with a dash of Lohan, and a few other child actors thrown in for good measure.

Now instead of disliking the focus of the subject matter, I mostly just pity him, based on a fictional character. Interesting.