A review by sheryl_marie_
Unnatural Causes, by Richard Shepherd

challenging informative reflective slow-paced


Categorising this book is complicated for the best of reasons. It is more than just a memoir. Unnatural Causes is a blend of personal reflection on marriage, fatherhood, mental health and on achievement and career success. It is a blend of true crime, science and recent historical events. It's written with honesty, openness and admiration for colleagues and personal heroes. It's written with great respect for the dead, their families, his own family and for procedure and justice. Unnatural Causes is absolutely fascinating.

Dr Richard Shepherd was a/the pathologist in a variety of well known cases; Joy Gardner, Stephen Lawrence, Lady Diana, Dr Harold Shipman, Derrick Bird. He was also a/the pathologist in a variety of major incidents; 9/11, Hungerford, terrorist attacks by Osama Bin Laden.

Dr Richard Shepherd was also instrumental, pivotal even, in the development of life saving policy and procedures regarding London's major incident plans and the safe restraint of people in custody.

Dr Richard Shepherd is also a calming force, a courageous and quiet man with a great sense of responsibility. He'saa man who admits his mistakes. He's a man who lives with PTSD, panic attacks and who isn't afraid to let the reader in.

Unnatural Causes is gripping, emotional, interesting and informative. It is macabre in parts and there are challenging sections but it's thoroughly enjoyable.

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