A review by sharonleavy
Rascal, by Katie McCoy


Alex is smitten by her sexy new downstairs neighbour, Emerson. Emerson is a Hemsworth-a-like who has just bought a bar, the titular Rascals, with his four friends. Alex is in the running for a high profile position at the law firm where she works, and unbeknownst to her, having Emerson on her arm would put her in the lead for that position given his family's reputation as one of the wealthiest and most successful in Chicago.

This was marketed as a fauxmance on Bookbub, which is what attracted me to it, but in reality this one isn't the slow burn I've come to expect from a fake relationship. The two get it on fairly fast, and it's pretty graphic. The story is mostly told from Alex's POV, with the odd chapter from Emerson thrown in (I'm grateful for this purely for the sentence "I positioned myself at her entrance", which made me think of one of the Queen's Beefeaters and gave me a much needed laugh).

It was fine, the chemistry was fine, but I like a little more build-up and tension personally. I love the idea of the bar being run by a group of friends and every friend getting their own novel, I also liked that Alex was a lawyer and we saw some of a court case that was happening.

This was free on BookBub.