A review by felinity
Redemption by Karen Kingsbury


Here we have the character-building and gentle romance of Karen Kingsbury combined with the relationship savvy of Gary Smalley to show us a marriage ripped apart by infidelity, the addictiveness of a new relationship, the hormonal rush and created high it brings, and the devastation that follows in its wake.

It also shows that as there are two people in a marriage, each contributing to it - for better or for worse - there are also two sides to any breakup. Kari's forced introspection helps her to understand her part in Tim's distance, and after all she has her own temptation to resist.

They're not afraid to question God (Why did this happen? How could this happen?) and the answer seems to be that we must remember God views things from a different perspective, seeing the complete Monet rather than the brush strokes viewable up close.

The impending crisis from Dirk felt very artificial, but otherwise this was a great read, one which reiterates and demonstrates one of Gary Smalley's key points: that love is a decision, not a feeling, and that marriage is something both parties need to work at.