A review by amesketches
Alone With You in the Ether, by Olivie Blake


Time to go read twilight again because I need to feel brain dead after all the thinking this book made me do.

Super weird book. Olivie Blake is an amazing writer and you can really feel all the emotion she poured in to this book. I almost felt like I wasn’t smart enough to understand this book?? There’s so many complicated ideas and feelings, and you aren’t really sure whether the ending is a happy ending or not.
In my personal opinion Regan and Aldo were incredibly toxic together, but in the beginning they weren’t. Sometimes this type of love isn’t necessarily healthy. As the book went along though I felt a dislike for both of them. I don’t like the characters, but I can appreciate them for what they are. I don’t really agree on some of the sexual topics talked about in the book, but overall this book brought up a lot of interesting emotions and I thought it was really well written.