A review by rhodered
The Urban Farmer: Growing Food for Profit on Leased and Borrowed Land, by Curtis Allen Stone


Absolutely one of the best how-to instructional books I've ever come across on pretty much any topic. Loaded with practical advice and plenty of useful illustrations. I was BLOWN AWAY (can you tell?)

Author Curtis Stone is famous in the urban farming field. Even people who don't know his name, know about his achievements. He's that guy who turned a few small spare lots into a profitable business. Freakishly profitable in fact. Most urban and local farm-to-table farmers are not profitable. It's the dirty secret of the biz. By innovating and experimenting, Stone was able to gross $75,000 per year on a 15,000 square foot lot. That's unprecedented. By way of comparison, most market gardeners would be thrilled to make less than half of that per acre.

Profit aside, this is a super useful book for home gardeners as well. He includes details on how to rip up your lawn and get a high yield garden instead. He includes step by step info on plot layout, irrigation, fencing, organic pest control, harvesting, processing, packing, etc. And it's all written assuming you are a novice, but with enough advanced tips for experienced farmers to get something new as well.

Curtis Stone is now my hero. If you are at all interested in this topic, he should be yours too.