A review by shelleyrae
A Local Habitation, by Seanan McGuire


I found it hard to rate this book but I decided to be generous and go for four stars. What I appreciate about Toby is that she doesn't back away, she rarely falls prey to the self doubts that seem to cripple other heroines in other genres, she simply focuses on getting the job done. She doesn't rely on anyone to provide her support, or to come to her rescue, she just sucks it up and keep going, a trait I admire.
Perhaps this single minded focus can be used as an explanation for the downside of the book - the clumsy mysteries that were easy to see through too early in the book. Far too early the main suspects were clear, though the motivations were well hidden. This was the downside for me as it lost the tension.
There are some unique features to this novel, a blend of faerie and technology that is intriguing, a variety of fae and some interesting politics.
Tybalt makes a few brief appearances, I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes. Connor's appearance seemed a little out of the blue, and then he faded away near the climax so I'm not exactly sure what point he served.
I am looking forward to McGuire really finding her feet in this series.