A review by caidyn
Administrations of Lunacy: A Story of Racism and Psychiatry at the Milledgeville Asylum, by Mab Segrest


This has a ton of good information about the history of asylums and, more importantly (imo) the shit that the APA did/supported. It focuses on one asylum in the south, going from the Civil War through to the start of eugenics. However, I found it a bit boring. Which was a shame for me. I just found it to be a very dry read, even though this is a very important topic to me. I'm a social worker and we rely on the APA since we often work with the mentally ill and interdisciplinary teams that include psychologists and psychiatrists. Still, I wish that this had been a little more interesting for me. There was great info, but a lot of it was stuff I was already familiar with. Great for a first timer who wants to know more about the history of psychiatric treatment and its racial history.