A review by mmeagan
Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore


Oona Out of Order.
The concept: my cup of tea.
The execution: not my cup of tea.

thought provoking: How would living your own life out of order effect your personal growth or your relationships with others? Who would you be able to trust with your secret? Would you try to change your future?
the ending:
SpoilerI am a sucker for bookend conclusions and that's what we got. Oona has matured and come to except what's happening to her, sticks up for herself, and reunites with Dale.
Margarita Montimore accomplishes within these pages what she sets out to do.
pace: It's consistent.

characters: Oona was a very annoying & selfish protagonist. She whined and made really poor decisions throughout most of the book. I really didn't like her POV.
plot: Maybe its a occupational hazard of this kind of story, but I felt like there wasn't enough exploration of Oona's life/timeline. I really wanted to follow her leaps through more years but we only follow her through her first 7. A real treat of time travel stories like this is seeing how and why things turn out and Montimore definitely relied on telling not showing us. She outlines a lot of events that happen and we don't get to experience them. Like all he letters.
tone: Hard to explain, but this story sets this tone of self exploration through age and time and yet in opinion fails to leave a lasting impression. Maybe it's because Oona is more passive and reactive to her situation instead of being a catalyst and pursuing her own goals and and aspirations. The story drives her, rather that Oona drives the story.

It was good. Helped move the story along and added personality and dimension.