A review by jlwalk905
Star Trek: Waypoint Special #1, by Josh Hood, Nicole Goux, Dave Baker, Sonny Liew, Matthew Smith, Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Brandon Easton


The waypoint special composes of several short stories. In order to stay consistent and give the best review I'm going to break down each one.
1. Only You Can Save Yourself: Love this one so much!! I just finished another book and the number one complaint I had was the art style being stiff and robotic. This one was the total complete opposite. The art style was great, the characters were expressive. The storyline was really really good. I wasn't expecting this story but it was so nice and it addressed questions I had in DSN.

2. Consider Eternity: This one was kind of boring, confusing and forgettable.

3. My Human is Not: This is my favorite one of the book. Fantastic story, and art style that I have never seen in a comic. Tearjerker and just overall a complete delight. Short, sweet, simple.

4. Histories: it was really good. Excellent world building and overall a good mini story.

This was overall a great collection. I really enjoyed it.