A review by kazza27
The Hit List by Holly Seddon


Wow this book really shocked me what a read !

What starts off as a story of a woman grieving the death of her husband who was killed in a freak accident a year ago. Gradually becomes something so dark and terrifying that there were moments I had to check I was still breathing it was so tense.

Marianne is trying to move on with her life, she has a new boyfriend but can’t stop herself looking at Greg’s old laptop, just so she can read the old emails that he sent to her. Things had changed for them in the months before Greg’s death and Marianne doesn’t really understand why. He is moody and distant. It becomes apparent why later in the book.

On the anniversary of his death she decides to have another look. This time finds something that rocks her world, finding a browser that takes her to the dark web, she finds that she is on a hit list along with others.

Who are the others and how will she find out who wants her dead and why ?

The story is narrated at the start by Marianne and also the mysterious assassin Sam, who is trying to kill Marianne. There is a real twist part way through the book and the narrators change, which I will not reveal.

This is such a well plotted book, I was constantly thinking I knew where it was going only to find I was completely wrong. I really love that in a thriller.

This book has so many surprises and it is dark, human trafficking, blackmail, murder and organ trafficking. Although it is also about being so desperate you will do anything to save your life and your families. Also wrongly thinking you can reason with people who do these hideous crimes and the people who are drawn into this web of horror. Who are the people behind these vile acts and is it just about money ?

This is without a doubt the best audiobook I have listened to this year it evoked so many feelings in me, sadness, anger, disgust and empathy.

There is a cracker of a twist which I didn’t see coming at all. A totally immersive read and so well written, I loved it.