A review by ranjkrish88
Mirrorland, by Carole Johnstone


This book really took me for a ride there. About half way through I almost put it down and walked away because I was done with the fantasy element and I couldn’t keep the terminology and fantasy characters straight enough to follow what was happening. Then in the second half of the book the threads started coming together and it made much more sense and I did get a deeper appreciation for all the earlier magical realism and definitely moved my rating from a 2 star to a 3 star.

Even with the much improved second half, the pay off was just barely there. The importance and relationships of different characters shifted abruptly and felt poorly fitted with how the story had been progressing. The ending while not bleak, felt contrived and didn’t quite hit me in the feels as I had hoped it would.

I expected much more from this book and it just barely delivered.