A review by nclcaitlin
The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi


Welcome to Jurassic Park! Just kidding, it’s an alternate universe Greenland where Kaijus can tear holes through reality if they’re not monitored. 

Scalzi always manages the perfect blend of world-building, action, humour, and whacky science to keep you on your toes, engaged, and non-stop laughing. 

Expect nuclear exploding Kaijus, helicopter rides to shoot horny pheromones at Bella and Edward, and terrifying tourists trips. And a lot of fun millennial popular culture references. 
“I was just thinking that Edward’s Tumescent Cloaca would have been an excellent band name.”
“Emo, obviously,” Kahurangi said.
“Their first album glistened with promise, but their follow-up was a little flaccid.”
“Their third album was really shitty.”
“To be fair, the competition was stiff that year.”
“I just thought that they should have showed more spunk.”

The audiobook was a really good performance too!!