A review by stephjl
Fruits Basket Collector's Edition, Vol. 2, by Natsuki Takaya


i’m enjoying this so much! i’ve decided i’m going to do a bit of a tandem read with the manga and the show. i’ve looked up which chapters correspond to which episodes in season 1, and it’s pretty interesting to me that’s it’s fairly aligned through the first two volumes which is until like episode 14 (collectors editions) but then for the third and fourth volumes and even part of the fifth, they are adapted in a different order. so i’m going to read up until chapter 51 (the latest chapter adapted in season 1) before i watch past episode fourteen of the show. i’ve never read the manga before seeing the adaptation before and i think doing it at the same time (though reading manga chapters before watching them) could be a really fun way to do things!

i also don’t know any spoilers for fruits basket, but i’m getting so invested in Tohru and Kyo. I feel like the story probably ends up with her in love with either Yuki or Kyo, and I want it to end with Kyo. Freaking, becoming obsessed. I feel like whoever gave her the hat as a child is the one she’ll end up with. And i feel like the writing and story leans towards Kyo as well, though i’m not sure. it might be my bias towards the male characters that are kind of hotheaded awkward outcasts. i’m just enjoying this so much.