A review by itssimplykayla_
A Love Hate Thing, by Whitney D. Grandison


This book was so good. At times it was funny, sad, and heartbreaking. Through all of their twists and turns, stops and starts; I rooted for Trice and Nandy to make it. Trice went through so much in this book but I enjoyed seeing his transformation throughout the book. He had plenty of help via Travis, Shayne, Kyle, and the Smith family especially Nandy. Nandy had a transformation in this book too and it was good and necessary for her. Travis was an entertaining character even though he needs to work on how he treats women in the end he was a good friend to Trice. Prophet was like a big brother to Trice and I was glad that he was there to guide Trice in the right direction. I’m hopeful that Nandy and Trice have a wonderful future in the end.