A review by mugsandpugs
The Lights of Prague, by Nicole Jarvis


I knew only one thing going into [b:The Lights of Prague|52591842|The Lights of Prague|Nicole Jarvis|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1579120871l/52591842._SX50_SY75_.jpg|72447158]: Bisexual vampires. Honestly, do I need any more reason than that to read something? It's already my cup of bloody tea! This is kinda what I'd hoped for when I read the (very disappointing) Serpent and Dove last year. I wanted a sexy, simmering enemies-to-lovers plot of a Bad Girl and a Good Boy in a historical European setting. This succeeds where S&D failed. Domek (the working class, vampire-hunting lamplighter, protecting the streets of Prague after dark) and Ora, the widowed, high-society vampire who wants to wash her hands of her species' brutal ways, have amazing chemistry. They genuinely like each other, and they're pretty cute together. And they actually fuck, instead of dancing around the issue for a billion pages. (Also Ora's queerness isn't a problem. She's cool with her sexuality; he's cool with her sexuality, they have mutual queer friends, so there's no tiresome gayngst going on.) There's a bunch of interesting plots afoot in the lamplighter brotherhood and in Ora's former coven, as well as among Prague's vampires growing restless and seeking more power... I hope the author intends to make this a series, as it feels like this book barely scratches the surface after setting up all the worldbuilding, and I'd like to see more.