A review by theespressoedition
Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty


Where do I even begin with this book? I had heard excellent things about Liane Moriarty's writing, but I never expected it to be THIS spectacular. This book was a rollercoaster of emotions. One moment I was chortling with laughter over Madeline's affinity for drama, and the next second I was gasping over the many challenges Celeste faced throughout her life. I related to Jane in her suffering and determination to make something of her life - while also battling constant anxiety. And I even appreciate Bonnie's quiet wisdom (however annoying she may have been). I got angry when the women were angry, and smiled when they were enjoying coffee at Blue Blues. I felt everything they did. I highly recommend listening to the audiobook version of this, as the narration really added that special something while going through this story. This book was phenomenal. Truly.

[TW: graphic domestic and sexual abuse, rape, murder, infertility, infidelity]