A review by magpie4
Truthwitch by Susan Dennard


The book seemed really interesting and something that I would enjoy. There was so much hype and it didn’t come through.

Safiya was so self centered and never though about her actions and how it effected anyone. She was so cocky, even when it was pointless, and that just made her seem stupid. Iseult was the one character I liked, but she always has to be the one to save Safi from her own stupidity and I don’t know why she still tries. I didn’t like the romance, it felt to insta lovey, but I though it was nice that a book ( especially YA) centered around friendship. Aeduan was a horrible antagonist. The author tired to make him complex, which is good, but it just failed. It just never felt like there was a real threat.

The world building for me was just really confusing for me. The magic system is a really cool concept, but was not written well. Nothing is explained. For being able to tell truth form lie, Safi gets deceived a lot, which doesn’t make sense to me. Iseult’s powers are also really confusing and I feel like they aren’t explained properly. What the heck are threads?! After reading the whole book nothing makes sense.

Overall, I just really didn’t like the book.