A review by caterina_x
Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, by Anne Lamott


3.5 stars

I have the suspicion that if I'd read this book when I was younger, I'd have rated it higher. I'd have been gushing probably. Now, however, after having read a dozen other writing books in the past, I found this one somewhat less informative than others (or perhaps it was because the info is now familiar) as well as less inspiring than others (ie Writing Down the Bones is a book that I found hugely inspiring).

Still, it's a worthwhile read. It is funny (very funny) and easy to read, it offers some helpful suggestions and it covers a wide range of topics for an aspiring writer including publication, libel etc. On the minus side, there were no writing exercises - which probably isn't really a minus, it's just that I was expecting some. What won me most in this book was the personality of the author coming through. The humour and sarcasm made me think that this would be a writer I'd enjoy hanging out with. Not to mention that it opened my eyes to something I had been blind to, personally: I enjoy writing for writing's sake. Thinking/worrying about publications had obscured the real reason I write. So that was a profound realisation that I got from the book, to which I'm grateful.

All in all, a cool, funny book about writing that is a pleasure to read.