A review by anuajit
Still Stace: My Gay Christian Coming-Of-Age Story an Illustrated Memoir, by Stacey Chomiak


Many thanks to Netgalley, OrangeSky Audio and the author for the ALC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I don’t usually review memoirs, because it feels like I am rating someone's lived experience. And who am I to do it? The book was difficult to listen to as one would expect. There is just so much pain and self-loathing, but the joy towards the end of self-discovery and reconciliation with self is just worth it.

This book takes us on the journey of Stacey (the author) as she realized that she is attracted to women, and then hated herself for it. Because how can she be both Gay and Christian at the same time?

This dilemma and the mental torture she puts herself and her partners through is painful to say the least. The way she shoulders the responsibility of her parents happiness is so relatable that I felt the pain. I absolutely loved how Stacy talked throughout the book about her beliefs, her conversations with God and her inner turmoil. The fact that this book was narrated by the author only just added to the experience.

As a cis-gendered atheist queer woman, I did not much relate to the belief part of it. But having grown up surrounded by people who believe in God and religion with every fiber of their being, I saw them in this story. This book is truly a resource with its strong humanity and empathy which connects one to spirituality and religion.