A review by rouver
Leviathan Wakes, by James S.A. Corey


If you at all have any interest in sci-fi, pick this one up. It's a thick tome, but it's definitely a page turner. I can't wait to read the next in the series (please let the series be complete!)

It tells the story from two points of view: a cop born & raised without ever having seen a sky above him and an earth-born XO on a ship that hauls water to the Belt. Earth has expanded; we're on space stations, Mars, moons, and asteroids. But like humanity from the beginning of time, we bicker among ourselves & find ways to splinter into different groups. Race & skin color don't seem to matter much any more, but where you're born in the solar system does. People who grow up seeing sky are different from those who have to be aware of how dependent they are upon others for their very air and water. Interestingly, this book does an excellent job of following the experiences of two people as they intertwine & also how they impact the larger story that unfolds around them. While not directly involved with a war that's been on a slow burn up til now, they find themselves at key pressure points that nudge events in ways that will impact all of humanity.

I also found it interesting how the author explored two different ways of thinking that we as a society struggle with: is it best to reveal all secrets to the masses & expect them to make educated, intelligent decisions, or do we hide information, assuming the masses are uneducated, stupid & too quick to judge?

An all-around fantastic piece of sci-fi.