A review by hannahnesbat
Hrdinkou snadno a rychle, by Meg Cabot

Ugh, this was my favorite book from ages twelve to fifteen, foreshadowing a later love for The West Wing and all things American First Family.

Sam Madison accidentally saves the President's life and becomes a national hero -- but all she wants to do is go to art class and obsess more over Gwen Stefani. I love an obsessive heroine and a good there-all-along love story (enter David, President's son).

I love Sam. I love that she is so single-mindedly devoted to drawing, Gwen, and baguette-lady's baguettes. I love her obliviousness to her own celebrity and the ways in which she speaks truth to power. I love her weird family and especially her precocious little sister (I still credit this book with my understanding of the word "frisson" which is, like a major plot point here).

ALL AMERICAN GIRL is Cabot at her best -- funny and thrilling in a daydreamy way.